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Spotlighted Songwriter Links

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  3 Pill Morning 3 Pill Morning   4Him 4Him
  A Verse Unsung A Verse Unsung   Abe Vigoda Abe Vigoda
  Adam Shoenfeld Adam Shoenfeld   Adonis Adonis
  Aesop Rock Aesop Rock   AJAR AJAR
  Akil Dasan Akil Dasan   Align Align
  All That Remains All That Remains   Allison Moorer Allison Moorer
  Aloha Aloha   AM/FM AM/FM
  Amanda Shaw Amanda Shaw   Amelia's Mechanics Amelia's Mechanics
  Ann Holly Ann Holly   Aphasia Aphasia
  April Cover April Cover   Aron Leigh Aron Leigh
  Ashley Raines Ashley Raines   Aster Aster
  At A Loss At A Loss   Ataris Ataris
  AutoVaughn AutoVaughn   Avenpitch Avenpitch
  Bad Jamie Bad Jamie   Bank Bank
  Beans Beans   Becka Brown Becka Brown
  Beep Beep Beep Beep   Ben Allison Ben Allison
  Benzos Benzos   Big House Big House
  Bi-Level Bi-Level   Bill O'Connell Bill O'Connell
  Billy Mann Billy Mann   Blacklist Blacklist
  Blaine Larsen Blaine Larsen   Blastronauts Blastronauts
  Blaze314 Blaze314   Blow Up Hollywood Blow Up Hollywood
  Bob Baldwin Bob Baldwin   Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle
  Bob Delevante Bob Delevante   Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
  Bob Tazara Bob Tazara   Bombadil Bombadil
  Bow Thayer Bow Thayer   Bow Wow Bow Wow
  Boy Sets Fire Boy Sets Fire   Brad Russell Brad Russell
  Brand New Brand New   Brandon Rickman Brandon Rickman
  Brandtson Brandtson   Brenn Brenn
  Brian White Brian White   Brice Long Brice Long
  Brighter Shades Brighter Shades   Brothers Bentley Brothers Bentley
  Brothers Quetico Brothers Quetico   Brownshoe Brownshoe
  Bryan-Michael Cox Bryan-Michael Cox   Buffalo Clover Buffalo Clover
  Build a Machine Build a Machine   Burning Daylight Burning Daylight
  Byron Rice Byron Rice
  Cabin Cabin   CAHILL CAHILL
  Cale Parks Cale Parks   Candiria Candiria
  Cassandra Wilson Cassandra Wilson   Cat-A-Tac Cat-A-Tac
  Cecilia Smith Cecilia Smith   Chairlift Chairlift
  Change It To Jack Change It To Jack   Charley Stefl Charley Stefl
  Chip Davis Chip Davis   Chris Hennessee Chris Hennessee
  Chris Trapper Chris Trapper   Chrisette Michele Chrisette Michele
  Christina Mays Christina Mays   Christopher Gant Christopher Gant
  Cindy Blackman Cindy Blackman   Classic Case Classic Case
  Clatter Clatter Clatter Clatter   Claudia Scott Claudia Scott
  Cletus T. Judd Cletus T. Judd   Code Pie Code Pie
  Cold Shell Cold Shell   Come On Go With Us Come On Go With Us
  Cougars Cougars   Courtney Williams Courtney Williams
  Crashbox Crashbox   Crocodile Crocodile
  Cry to the Blind Cry to the Blind   Crystal Antlers Crystal Antlers
  Cursive Cursive
  Daddy Daddy   Dalek Dalek
  Daniel Miller Daniel Miller   Dark Knights Of Camelot/Benjamin Michael Shea Dark Knights Of Camelot/Benjamin Michael Shea
  Darryl Lee Rush Darryl Lee Rush   Dave's True Story Dave's True Story
  David Childers David Childers   David Levin David Levin
  David Wilcox David Wilcox   Dawn Tallman Dawn Tallman
  Dead Meadow Dead Meadow   DeAndre Wright DeAndre Wright
  Decibully Decibully   Decyfer Down Decyfer Down
  Dee Snider Dee Snider   delft delft
  Denali Denali   Denny Jiosa Denny Jiosa
  Develop Develop   Dice Dice
  Diegos Umbrella Diegos Umbrella   Di-Fi Di-Fi
  Digital Intuition Digital Intuition   Direwood Direwood
  Don Henry Don Henry   Down and Above Down and Above
  Draft Draft   Dreaming of Eden Dreaming of Eden
  Drunk Stuntman Drunk Stuntman   Durwood Durwood
  Earl Pickens Earl Pickens   Eddie Ojeda Eddie Ojeda
  Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster   Elika Elika
  Elizabeth Eckert Elizabeth Eckert   Ellis Ashbrook Ellis Ashbrook
  Ellis Paul Ellis Paul   Ellison Park Ellison Park
  EL-P EL-P   Emanuel Gibson Emanuel Gibson
  Engine Down Engine Down   Erase Errata Erase Errata
  Eren Cannata Eren Cannata   Eric Noden Eric Noden
  Ericson Holt Ericson Holt   Error Type: 11 Error Type: 11
  Eve Selis Eve Selis   Everlife Everlife
  Everyday Atlas Everyday Atlas   EzraJane EzraJane
  Fall Of Troy Fall Of Troy   Farewell to False Love Farewell to False Love
  [I AM] FarFetched [I AM] FarFetched   Favourite Sons Favourite Sons
  Fight the Quiet Fight the Quiet   Filthy Children Filthy Children
  Flight 409 Flight 409   Fox Chase Drive Fox Chase Drive
  French Kicks French Kicks
  Gary Burr Gary Burr   Gay For Johnny Depp Gay For Johnny Depp
  George Wurzbach (Modern Man) George Wurzbach (Modern Man)   Geri Allen Geri Allen
  Get Right Get Right   Girl Friday Girl Friday
  God Forbid God Forbid   Goes Cube Goes Cube
  Gray Kid Gray Kid   Greg Osby Greg Osby
  Greg X. Volz Greg X. Volz   Grey Tide Grey Tide
  Grimis Grimis   Gritch Gritch
  Gurf Morlix Gurf Morlix
  Halo Stereo Halo Stereo   Har Mar Superstar Har Mar Superstar
  Hark the Herald Hark the Herald   Harry Bailey's Transport Harry Bailey's Transport
  Hatebreed Hatebreed   Haunt Haunt
  Have at it Have at it   Hayes Carll Hayes Carll
  HEALTH HEALTH   Heath Street Heath Street
  Heather Eatman Heather Eatman   Heather Rose Heather Rose
  Hello Mahalo Hello Mahalo   Hero Pattern Hero Pattern
  Hey Mercedes Hey Mercedes   High Off You High Off You
  Hold for Swank Hold for Swank   Holiday Holiday
  Hometown Anthem Hometown Anthem   Hope Conspiracy Hope Conspiracy
  Hopewell Hopewell   Hot IQs Hot IQs
  Hot Rod Circuit Hot Rod Circuit   House of Heroes House of Heroes
  Hull Hull   Hurt Hurt
  Hymns Hymns
  Ian Eskelin Ian Eskelin   If all else fails If all else fails
  Ilhan Ersahin Ilhan Ersahin   Ilia Ilia
  In Endeavors Italys In Endeavors Italys   Ionia Ionia
  Isis Isis
  Jabe Beyer Jabe Beyer   Jackson Waters Jackson Waters
  Jamie Floyd Jamie Floyd   Jamie Hoover Jamie Hoover
  Jamie Slocum Jamie Slocum   Jan Linder-Koda Jan Linder-Koda
  Jason Eady Jason Eady   Jason Meadows Jason Meadows
  Jason Moran Jason Moran   Jason Spooner Jason Spooner
  Jason Webley Jason Webley   Jaymay Jaymay
  Jeff Little Jeff Little   Jeff Little Jeff Little
  Jeff Silverman Jeff Silverman   Jeff Smith Jeff Smith
  Jeni Varnadeau Jeni Varnadeau   Jennie Arneu Jennie Arneu
  Jeremy Pelt Jeremy Pelt   Jeremy Schonfeld Jeremy Schonfeld
  Jerry Cantrell Jerry Cantrell   Jerry Salley Jerry Salley
  Jets to Brazil Jets to Brazil   Jim Avett Jim Avett
  Jim Brickman Jim Brickman   Jim Femino Jim Femino
  Jim Lauderdale Jim Lauderdale   JimiJames JimiJames
  Jodelle Jodelle   Jodi Shaw Jodi Shaw
  Joe Nichols Joe Nichols   Johnathan Gluck Johnathan Gluck
  Johnsie Mays Johnsie Mays   Jon Nicholson Jon Nicholson
  Jonalee White Jonalee White   Josh Thompson Josh Thompson
  Joshua McDonald Joshua McDonald   Joy Styles Joy Styles
  Jubal's Kin Jubal's Kin   Justin Tracy Justin Tracy
  Kalta Eye Kalta Eye   Kara Clark Kara Clark
  Karate Karate   Karen Jacobsen Karen Jacobsen
  Karen Taylor-Good Karen Taylor-Good   Katie Neil Katie Neil
  Kaylee Cole Kaylee Cole   Keisha Liu Keisha Liu
  Keli Nicole Price Keli Nicole Price   Kelsey Muse Kelsey Muse
  Kendrick Dean Kendrick Dean   Kenny Meeks Kenny Meeks
  Kevin Welch Kevin Welch   Kieran Kane Kieran Kane
  Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage   Kim Garrison Kim Garrison
  Kirkland Kirkland   Kirsten Davies Kirsten Davies
  Krystal Brown Krystal Brown   Krystal Meyers Krystal Meyers
  Kurt Maire Kurt Maire   Kylie Harris Kylie Harris
  La Bruja La Bruja   Lacona Lacona
  Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum   Lance Miller Lance Miller
  Last Road Bluegrass Band Last Road Bluegrass Band   Le Meu Le Purr Le Meu Le Purr
  Leela James Leela James   Leeland Leeland
  Leiahdorus Leiahdorus   Les Savy Fav Les Savy Fav
  Lifetime Lifetime   lily cushman lily cushman
  Limelife Limelife   Lion Fever Lion Fever
  Lock and Key Lock and Key   Love Battleground Love Battleground
  Lynn Arriale Lynn Arriale   Lynne Drysdale Patterson Lynne Drysdale Patterson
  Make Good Your Escape Make Good Your Escape   Marc Nelkin Marc Nelkin
  Marc Nelson Marc Nelson   Marcato Marcato
  Marce Lacouture Marce Lacouture   Mario Moore Mario Moore
  Mark Huff Mark Huff   Mark Wills Mark Wills
  Marques Houston Marques Houston   Martha Redbone Martha Redbone
  Mates Of State Mates Of State   Matt Stillwell Matt Stillwell
  Meet the Day Meet the Day   Meiko Meiko
  Meredith Fierke Meredith Fierke   MGMT MGMT
  Mieka Pauley Mieka Pauley   Mike Geier Mike Geier
  Mike Hammond Mike Hammond   Mike Kotulka Mike Kotulka
  Monty Powell Monty Powell   Morgan Finlay Morgan Finlay
  Motion Pilots Motion Pilots   Movies With Heroes Movies With Heroes
  Mr. Lif Mr. Lif   My Education My Education
  Natasha Alexandra Natasha Alexandra   Nate 'Danja' Hills Nate 'Danja' Hills
  Nate Sallie Nate Sallie   Nathan Miller Nathan Miller
  NCM NCM   N'dambi N'dambi
  Neil Diamond Neil Diamond   Nevertheless Nevertheless
  New Found Glory New Found Glory   New Sense New Sense
  Newsong Newsong   Nick Bisesi Nick Bisesi
  Nicole C. Mullen Nicole C. Mullen   No Lindsay No Lindsay
  noise machine noise machine   None More Black None More Black
  Northern Room Northern Room   Numbers Numbers
  Omarion Omarion   Organyc Organyc
  Owen Owen      
  Paint It Black Paint It Black   Parallax Parallax
  Paris Luna Paris Luna   Paris Texas Paris Texas
  Parlour Boys Parlour Boys   Paul "Sequence" Ferguson Paul "Sequence" Ferguson
  Perfuma Perfuma   Pete Richard Band Pete Richard Band
  Peter Cooper Peter Cooper   Phantods Phantods
  Phil Common Phil Common   Picasso Brown Picasso Brown
  Piebald Piebald   Pine Hill Haints Pine Hill Haints
  Plastic Chord Plastic Chord   Plumb Plumb
  Poetica Poetica   Project 86 Project 86
  Queen Godis Queen Godis   Quiet by Ten Quiet by Ten
  Radio 4 Radio 4   Radymade Breakup Radymade Breakup
  Rainer Maria Rainer Maria   Rappa Sharpp Rappa Sharpp
  Ray Wylie Hubbard Ray Wylie Hubbard   Rebecca Hart Rebecca Hart
  Rebekah LeBeau Rebekah LeBeau   Red Animal War Red Animal War
  Regie Hamm Regie Hamm   rene marie rene marie
  Reno Bo Reno Bo   Retisonic Retisonic
  Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band   Ripe Ripe
  Robby Hecht Robby Hecht   Robert Glasper Robert Glasper
  Rod Lunn Rod Lunn   Ronnie Cuber Ronnie Cuber
  Roxie Dean Roxie Dean   RUSH RUSH
  Rye Coalition Rye Coalition
  Salem Salem   Sam & Annie Tate Sam & Annie Tate
  Sam and Ruby Sam and Ruby   Sam Baker Sam Baker
  Sam Yahel Sam Yahel   Sammie Sammie
  Sarah J Sarah J   Saturday Looks Good To Me Saturday Looks Good To Me
  Saucy Monky Saucy Monky   Saves The Day Saves The Day
  Savilian Savilian   Scattered Trees Scattered Trees
  Scott Hutchison Scott Hutchison   Shade Shade
  ShaShaaaaaaa! ShaShaaaaaaa!   Shawn Byrne Shawn Byrne
  Shelley Nicole Shelley Nicole   Shim Shim
  Shofar Shofar   Sloan Wainwright Sloan Wainwright
  Social Slave Social Slave   Sofia J Sofia J
  Soft Soft   Solution Solution
  Son, Ambulance Son, Ambulance   Sonny Landreth Sonny Landreth
  Souls She Said Souls She Said   Sparrow Sparrow
  Sparrowhouse Sparrowhouse   Spencer Durham Spencer Durham
  Stacey Earle Stacey Earle   Stefon Harris Stefon Harris
  Stellar Kart Stellar Kart   Stephanie Barrak Stephanie Barrak
  Stephanie Urbina Jones Stephanie Urbina Jones   Stephen Sebastian Stephen Sebastian
  Stephen Simmons Stephen Simmons   Steve Million Steve Million
  Strike Anywhere Strike Anywhere   Strix Vega Strix Vega
  Stuedabakerbrown Stuedabakerbrown   Summer Johnson Summer Johnson
  Susan Cagle Susan Cagle   Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz
  Sybris Sybris
  Tabloid Ty Tabloid Ty   Tabloid Ty Tabloid Ty
  Tammy Rogers Tammy Rogers   Ted Leo + Pharacists Ted Leo + Pharacists
  Ted Nash Ted Nash   Teddy Riley Teddy Riley
  Terry Boch Terry Boch   Thad Cockrell Thad Cockrell
  The Aeffect The Aeffect   The Antecedents The Antecedents
  The Apes The Apes   The Attorneys The Attorneys
  The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers   The Band of Heathens The Band of Heathens
  The Birthday Suicide The Birthday Suicide   The Black Heart Procession The Black Heart Procession
  The Bled The Bled   The Blend The Blend
  The Blue Pages The Blue Pages   The Botticellis The Botticellis
  The Brass Uncle Band The Brass Uncle Band   The Carter Brothers The Carter Brothers
  The Coal Men The Coal Men   The Dance Party The Dance Party
  The Dig The Dig   The End of the World The End of the World
  The Etternal Affect The Etternal Affect   The Explosion The Explosion
  The Faint The Faint   The Fame The Fame
  The Fatales The Fatales   The Fire and Reason The Fire and Reason
  The Good Life The Good Life   The Grascals The Grascals
  The Greencards The Greencards   The Hibernauts The Hibernauts
  The Hollywood Kills The Hollywood Kills   The Icarusline Line The Icarusline Line
  The Invincible Kids The Invincible Kids   The Jacets The Jacets
  The Jakes The Jakes   The Jesse Minute The Jesse Minute
  The Jungle The Jungle   The Ladybirds The Ladybirds
  The Literary Greats The Literary Greats   The Merediths The Merediths
  The Nein The Nein   The North The North
  The Only Children The Only Children   The Perceptionists The Perceptionists
  The Pharmacy The Pharmacy   The Picture The Picture
  The Pierces The Pierces   The Promise Ring The Promise Ring
  The Rapture The Rapture   The Reverb The Reverb
  The Rise The Rise   The Rockford Mules The Rockford Mules
  The Spoon Benders The Spoon Benders   The SteelDrivers The SteelDrivers
  The Strays The Strays   The Swayback The Swayback
  The Toy Soldiers The Toy Soldiers   The Undisputed Heavyweights The Undisputed Heavyweights
  The Vespers The Vespers   The Wagner Logic The Wagner Logic
  The White Octave The White Octave   The Worsties The Worsties
  This Beautiful Republic This Beautiful Republic   This Is Radio Freedom This Is Radio Freedom
  Three Legged Fox Three Legged Fox   Tiffany Evans Tiffany Evans
  Tim Gray Tim Gray   Tim Scott Tim Scott
  Tommy Alverson Tommy Alverson   Tony Furtado Tony Furtado
  Trapt Trapt   Tuesday's Robot Tuesday's Robot
  Twisted Sister Twisted Sister
  Vague Angels Vague Angels   Vana Gierig Vana Gierig
  Vaux Vaux   Veara Veara
  Victoria Shaw Victoria Shaw   Vision Vision
  Voxtrot Voxtrot
  Walt Wilkins Walt Wilkins   Walter Velasquez (Pos Neg) Walter Velasquez (Pos Neg)
  Warren Hill Warren Hill   Wes Walters Wes Walters
  Wess Floyd Wess Floyd   Wessp8 Wessp8
  With Faith or Flames With Faith or Flames
  Yewande Yewande   Young Flye Young Flye
  Young Lords Young Lords   Young Love Young Love
  Young Steff Young Steff   Your Midway Host Your Midway Host